Chef Andrea Shay Morrison

Andy Shay Morrison brings new skill and craftsmanship to Caffe Niche.  She has acquired a diverse range of experience over the past twenty years from Michelin starred restaurants, upscale banquets and catering, and high volume bistro style fare.  

After attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, Andy moved up to Sonoma County where she was immersed in the food and wine culture.  During her time there she earned a position as Sous Chef at Chateau Souverain, where she worked for five years.  Andy also spent a good portion of her career working for Nordstrom restaurants.  She earned many promotions during her eight years as a Chef with the company, and was appointed as a member of their Western States Culinary Advisory Team.  

Throughout her career, Andy has valued learning from every experience, pulling ideas from many styles of cuisine, and applying fun new twists to classic dishes.  She takes a whimsical approach to food and life, and now she shares that whimsy through Caffe Niche.